Grease Best Practices

Clean Lube Solutions have manufactured a range of quality grease best practice products to ensure cross contamination and application of incorrect greases to expensive machinery parts are eliminated.


Clean Lube Solutions have developed a complete solution for your grease identification & contamination control needs.

Grease Nipple Riser (316) – lifts the greasing point out of the debris and incorporates the required thread type.

Grease Best Practices



A large percentage of grease related bearing failures have been attributed to cross contamination, ie. using the incorrect grease type. Using the incorrect grease in an application or mixing of grease types can lead to catastrophic equipment failure as a result of:

  • CLS Grease Nipple RiserBearing Starvation
  • High Noise Levels
  • Excessive Wear
  • Corrosion
  • Elevated operating Temps
  • Grease Hardening
  • Leakage

This is because not all greases are the same and vary in:

  • Base Oil Type (Synthetic vs Mineral)
  • Load Carrying (EP)
  • Oxidation Stability
  • Base Oil Viscosity
  • Consistency (Pumpability)

Electronic Grease Flow Meter

The 411100 In Line Grease Meter is a high pressure oval gear meter with electronic digital LCD display. This grease meter accurately measures grease dispensing by volume instead of shots from a grease gun therefore avoiding the inaccuracies of grease guns that can be the cause of either undergreasing or overgreasing of bearings.

  • Exact control of dispensed grease in grams
  • Resettable LCD display, 4 digits up to 9999g
  • Display for total delivery in kg up to 999999kg for long term
  • Control of grease consumption
  • Maximum pressure: 500 bar (7,140psi).
  • Maximum flow range: up to 1 kg/min (2.2lb/min).
  • Measuring accuracy +/- 3%
  • Easy on-site recalibration
  • Connecting thread 1/8″ BSP=G1/8″ (f/f)
  • Runs with two standard AAA (1.5v) batteries
  • Meters are factory calibrated and can easily be recalibrated in the field for increased accuracy.
  • Inlet and outlet connections: 1/8” BSP (F). Includes one 1/8” BSP (MM) connector.

Information on optional Full Swivel Extension Pipe and High Pressure Rubber Hose available upon request.