Containerised Lube Rooms

Containerised Lube Rooms


Cleanliness is the keystone to contamination control when dealing with oil and lubricants within an industrial setting. Dust, dirt, water, temperature and cross contamination are all the enemy with regards to machine life and reliability.

Clean Lube Solutions provide custom containerised 20′ or 40′ dedicated lube rooms which may be internally designed to your specific requirements. Featuring top of the line safety features and intrinsic lighting, our containerised lubrication rooms and workshops have been described as the ‘best on the market’ and ‘an affordable, cohesive option’ for the management and storage of all fluids, lubes and associated equipment particularly in mining, power gen and most heavy industries.

Popular options can include but are not limited to:

  • Kidney Loop Filtration
  • IBC Dispensing Panels & Skids
  • Drum Filtration & Dispensing Stands
  • Patch Testing Station
  • Tanks including Double Walled
  • Hose Reel Stands
  • Storage for Profill Oil Containers
  • External Secondary Roof
  • Internal Safe Lighting
  • Range of Paint Colours
  • Eye Wash Station

Units are supplied to site complete with ventilation, bunded floor, internal lighting and air ring main.

Certified for Road & Rail Freight & Compliant to AS1940-2004.

Clean Lube Solutions also supplies portable patch kits, patch kit stations, lockable heavy duty dedicated patch test workstations, IBC dispensing panels and D.G storage for dispensed oils.