Lube Room Accessories

Lube Room Accessories


Eyewash Station


The lightweight Porta Stream® eyewash stations require no plumbing and can be easily installed near workplace hazards. Stations provide uninterrupted, gravity-fed, hands-free flushing that is initiated by the removal of a nozzle strap. Full flow nozzles cover a wide area around the eyes. Stations can be wall-mounted or placed on mobile carts or stands. Their bright green color ensures easy identification in emergency situations. The sturdy, one-piece molded construction of each station features a large fill hole and illustrated operating instructions.

Suitable for mining, laboratories, manufacturing, army and construction sites.

Ideal for locations with no mains supplies or first aid vehicles


  • Measurements: 66 x 50.8 x 50.8 cm
  • Weight: 10.4 kg approx

Lube Room Accessories

Hose Stand

P/N LL-HS-001

Fabricated Steel Hose Stand. Includes hanging pegs, drip tray & 4 swivel castors.

Height: 2300mm
Width: 400mm
Material: Powder-coated Mild Steel

Integrated Storage, Filtration & Dispense System

Manage ISO cleanliness levels with this self-contained and cost-effective modular storage system.

  • Eliminate costly drums and optimize lube room space with clean and reliable stack-able storage.
  • Draw fluids from external sources, filter and store in a clean and dry environment.
  • Maintain dry and clean fluids with fully integrated storage and filtration systems.
  • Transfer fluids to and from bulk storage via mobile, hand-held, or integrated pumping and filtration equipment.
  • Polish fluids through high capacity water removal and particulate filters.
  • Dispense filtered fluids to transport containers via pressure taps or to external totes via quick connects.

Adjustable Drum Spear

P/N LL-DS-001